Catherine Pooler Large Rectangle Acrylic Grid Stamping Block 3-1/4 x 4-1/4"

Catherine Pooler

  • $13.99 CAD

Only 5 left!

These acrylic grid stamping blocks are my definition of the perfect block! My team and I worked with the manufacturer for almost a year to make them just right. These are exclusive to Catherine Pooler Designs, you won’t find them anywhere else!

Why do I love them?

  • the indentations are the perfect fit for your fingertips
  • the etched gridline help you line up your stamps
  • sized to fit the most commonly used stamp sizes
  • lightweight for their size

The Large Rectangle Acrylic Grid stamping block is perfect for larger stamps. At a weight of just 6.2oz, it's lightweight for it's size and easy on your hands. The etched grid lines help you line up your work to get the perfect placement.

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